Associate Management System.

Keep track of all associate data in one place!

Constantly adding new features to adapt to the ease of management.

Track Lunch and Breaks

Loose the confusion with looking at the schedule book, we got your back with lunches and breaks.

Manage Shifts

Create, remove, set callouts, and more. We take care of the rest.


Add a violation to an associate, we store in our database. No need to keep track of tons of paper.

Text Alerts

Away from our dashboard? No worries, we'll keep you updated with text-messages.

Why did you create this?

After learning the aspects of everything on the frontend of associate management, I took it upon myself to develop a web application to manage everything. This way, it's easier to keep track of each associate. Everything from lunches & breaks to write-ups. - Avery.

After dealing with the stress of keeping track of every associate, I thought maybe someone else could be having the same dilemma. Hence this nice piece of software. Anything to lessen the stress, I'll do it.

Ready to use

Once your supervisor account has been activated, you're ready to use to application. No waiting. Just jump right in.

Integrated Text Notifications

You can enabled what type of text notifcations to recieve. Lunches/Breaks, Associate Update, Associate Violation Addition, etc.


No need to do any coding yourself, we do everything for you. Avery, being the passionate developer he is, has your back.